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Short Format

Skylounge Montage

Montage of Skylounge Studios Past Work pre 2012 - enjoy!

Two Fellas

Sprawled on the sofa, a couple of colourful characters called Green and Yellow philosophise over everything from pickled eggs to outer space. Two Fellas is Skylounge's flagship in-house film, using groundbreaking techniques and produced in conjunction with HP Labs, Alias, The Watershed, SE3D -- and with thanks to Films@59.

The Tales

Direction, writing, animation and render by Dan Lane for The Tales

The Deadline

The Deadline is the multi-award-winning Aardman Animations short crediting Dan Lane as co-creator, co-writer, a voice, an animator and a renderer.

Serenity Cowboy Lipsync Test

Animation and lip sync test. A recent test piece to keep a hand in animating, thanks to the film "Serenity" for the sound clip, and involving some cowboys of our own (also seen in the HP Labs piece!).